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Pharmaceutical Standards

Purity of Ingredients
Beginning with pure, unadulterated bioactives and the most useful actives, Celazome creates the highest-quality skincare products available. We hold our products to a higher standard than others in the skincare industry, including those of many physicians. Why? Because by choosing pure, quality-assured bioactives and actives, we enable our products to provide consistent, marked improvements to skin, far surpassing the minimal benefits and increased risk of irritation incurred with inferior ingredients. For instance, our nanosphere encapsulators comprise all-natural, plant-based phospholipid "building blocks", which carry the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) designation. We load these nanospheres with only pharmaceutical- grade bioactives and actives - the best ingredients available on the market. We maintain the same pharmaceutical standards throughout each phase of research, formulation and manufacturing, to proudly offer you truly clinical-quality skincare products.

Medical Director's Message

"To assure that our products lead the market in potency, Celazome spares no expense, cuts no corners and scrutinizes every detail throughout the design, testing and manufacturing processes. Our products start with pharmaceutical-grade ingredients, which we test ourselves with such sophisticated technology as high-pressure liquid chromatography. This allows us to select only the purest and most potent compounds. We then encapsulate these compounds within our one-of-a-kind, patented nanospheres to deliver them directly into the skin. The Celazome combination of purer, more potent ingredients---included at the same or greater concentration as those used in clinical studies proving ingredient effectiveness---coupled with an active nanotechnology delivery system and adherence to pharmaceutical industry standards, translates into superior potency.

As Celazome's Medical Director, I take pride in the high standards our company has set for all our products. The result is greater potency and, most importantly, superior anti-aging skincare products for our clients."

– Dr. Christopher Brown, M.D.

Nanotechnology is the science of things measured in nanometers. How large is a nanometer?
One billionth of a meter! Need some perspective? Celazome's Lyphazome nanospheres have a radius
of 125 to 150 nanometers or 1/50th the size of a human skin cell. That's small!

Our nanotechnology does more than deliver nourishing and moisturizing bioactives and corrective actives deep into the epidermis. Our Lypahzome® nanotechnology has the ability to actually repair and strengthen the skin's structure and improve its health, naturally. Once they've depleted their loaded ingredients, our phospholipid nanosphere "building blocks" create a matrix with surrounding cells to rebuild and reinforce the skin's existing lipid barrier. Results: stronger, healthier, more resilient skin! We've found no other nanotechnology that delivers such structural benefits.

At Celazome, our nanotechnology plays as important a role in our product formulas as eggs do in many desserts: yes, you can create a basic pudding without them, but it takes the cooking chemistry of eggs to create the luxurious texture and rich depth of flavor expected of Creme Brulee.

To produce the results we seek and the standards we demand in our products, we start with the best possible quality and quantity of each bioactive and active. When we combine these ingredients with our patented Lyphazome® nanotechnology---that extra something special in our recipe---our products become truly extraordinary.

The Celazome Difference

Formulas: Using only the purest, highest-quality ingredients at their optimum levels, and delivered via our Lyphazome® nanospheres, Celazome formulas achieve astonishing visible results in less than two weeks for most people.

Delivery: At 1/50th the size of a human skin cell, our nanospheres penetrate deep into the epidermis without the body counterproductively absorbing them prior to full effectiveness, thus providing moisture and ingredients when and where they can be most effective.

Concentration: Our formulas feature at least 80 percent nanospheres loaded with bioactives and moisture – 75 times the concentration found in other encapsulation products.

Testing: We apply pharmaceutical testing standards for guaranteed quality. We clinically test all of our products, and they've been proven stable and active for at least two years after their manufacture date.

Research: Our products are supported by more that 14 years of research and development – and research continues today in an effort to improve and expand our collections and patents.

Reputation: Leading dermatologists, plastic surgeons, aestheticians, podiatrists, hospitals and spas around the world recommend our product formulas.