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our guarantee

    To spend the extra time and money to guarantee results within two weeks for most people
    To use only the best "state of the art" ingredients from natural sources for the most effective soothing agents, immunostimulation agents, and cellular regeneration agents
    To use only Pharmaceutical grade, unadulterated, fresh Essential Oils
    To use only effective levels of Bioactive and Active ingredients
    To test all products at Pharmaceutical standards for stability and irritancy
    To use only the highest quality of Vitamins A,C, and E available
    To warehouse all products at Pharmaceutical standards
    To use only Pharmaceutical grade Glycolic Acid
    To only use food grade preservatives at low levels to provide a minimum five year shelf life
    To use only Pharmaceutical grade oil, emulsifiers, and surfactants when the choice is available
    To use only Phyto-Chemically Standardized Extracts that have proven effectiveness in botanical studies

    Celazome stands behind its guarantees. No hassles.