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Exfoliate. Retexture. Restore
Gly-Body Treatment Kit

Ideal for all skin types. Exfoliate body skin and effectively treat Keratosis Pilaris. 

‘Exfoliate to a glow, from your neck to your toe’.

Kit Contains:

  • Gly-Body Wash
  • Gly-Body Lotion
  • Penetrating Body Lotion
  • Bath Puff & Cosmetic Bag
  • The Gly-Body Treatment Kit offers you an effective treatment to Keratosis Pilaris as well as healthy and exfoliated body skin. Formulated with a blend of potent ingredients, this kit will leave your skin feeling fresh, without any irritation. 

    Gly-Body Lotion
    Gly-Body Lotion
    List Price: $76.50
    Your Price $76.50/Each
    Gly-Body Wash
    Gly-Body Wash
    List Price: $41.00
    Your Price $41.00/Each
    Gly-Renew Duo
    Gly-Renew Duo
    List Price: $120.50
    Your Price $120.50/Kit
    Penetrating Body Lotion - Jumbo
    Penetrating Body Lotion - Jumbo
    List Price: $105.00
    Your Price $105.00/Each
    Penetrating Body Lotion - Travel
    Penetrating Body Lotion - Travel
    List Price: $9.00
    Your Price $9.00/Each